dgbh For Closer Examination

As i mentioned before, i have been spend a lot of time in my life to trying to know the goodness and the beauty that is difficult to feel instantaneously. Because i know there are the existences of beautiful things and good things as certainly, even if it's does not have superficial beauty or goodness.
My family is suffering from illness, and they are often depressed, so in most cases the atmosphere of our house is gloomy. But i know that they are desperately trying to live. There is no appear as superficial beauty, but if could try to feel something, i think that there are certainty beauty and goodness. And trying to know them is gives us a powerful and fresh perspective as will change the meanings of the riverside in the pictures.
I have been do them as a private research so far. Because i was felt it's difficult to share them with others until now (except for some people like you). But as i talking you now about the concepts of this art show, if i will talk a little about what i'm trying to do, i thought more people may be will try to understand the meanings of what i'm saying.
In 0100011110001 projects, i have been avoided expressing what 0100011110001 trying to does by words. So i have decided to start a new project, and dgbh was born (so dgbh and 0100011110001 are different things, so can you make a new page for dgbh?).
I visited the riverside in the pictures for several months many times. I can feel the energies just by looking at the landscapes(I think you can feel it too), but i think most of people feel like it's just a riverside.
But when see those records with the my talk, their meaning may change for those people. Or, it may will not change, but i think that is also interesting.
Please exhibit the SD card (Micro SD card), USB memory, and 5 pictures (please change the pictures when viewers want) at On Purpose, and please talk viewers about my concepts i talked. And this art show will be completed!
I'm very happy that do this art show! Thank you!:)))]
- dgbh