Black Pin by Sean Tatol - 2017

Hephaestus In Love by Sean Tatol
Six cards, seven poems. ed. of 32. $4 ppd.

Ida by Sean Tatol
Foldout pamphlet poem. ed. of 23. $3 ppd.

BOTH: $6 ppd.

Prices apply to both US & Intl orders.


Bach by Sean Tatol - 2016
Poem written for the occassion of a poetry reading at Alley Cat Books on October 16, 2016.
8.5"x11", 1 page, cardstock, ed. of 8.

Work by Sean Tatol - 2015
2"x2.5", 3"x3.75", 4"x5", 4.5"x5.625", 5"x6.25", 20 pages, cardstock, ed. of 20. $6.25+s&h.

Your're Magazine Issue #1 - 2015
feat. Maralie, Natalia Panzer, Sean Tatol, Alix Vollum, Rebecca Peel, & Patrick Scott-Walsh.
8.5"x11", 72 pages, ed. of 88.


Your're Magazine Issue #2
Regarding automobiles.

Aka by Sean Tatol