The Blower by Pierre Klossowski

Peire Vidal (fl. 1175-1205)...was from Toulouse, the son of a furrier, and he sang better than any man in the world. And he was one of the craziest men who ever lived, for he believed whatever he liked or wanted was true. And he composed with a great facility, and composed the most beautiful melodies and recounted the craziest thing in matters of arms and of love and of speaking ill of others. A knight of St. Gilles had his tongue cut for being his wife's lover. When he was cured, he went overseas. He returned with a Greek woman who he married, and who he though was the niece of the Emperor of Constantinople, and that through her he was the rightful heir to the Empire. And he put all his money into building ships so he could conquer the Empire. And he took a fancy to every woman he saw and begged each one for her love, and they let him do and say what he wanted. So he thought they were all pining for him. And he always rode fine horses and was followed by an imperial retinue. And he thought there was no knight finer in the world or more loved by women.

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